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    A specific type... I'm not sure if I have seen that. The ones I have/had conversations with are: ISFJ, ESFP, ESTP, INTJ, and INFJ.

    Mine started with the need to cleanse myself... after internalizing a traumatic occurrence. It started concurrently with other obsessive compulsive habits... e.g. cleaning shoes and makeup containers with hydrogen peroxide.. as well as removing as much as possible.. throwing out anything that wasn't a necessity. I used tables and charts to record everything, even though I ate the same thing every day. I did everything in 2's. I was obsessive with exercise. It was that exhausted feeling that I really liked... probably a chemical thing? After a few years of that I went into a depression... I assume years of a lack of certain nutrients and sleep can't be entirely unrelated to that outcome. I think it can look very "J", but I'm definitely not "J"... I have heard that strong Ti can have qualities that mimic "J"..?

    There is a lot of resentment directed towards the people who try to stop it... and really, I don't think anyone can stop it, even the individual.. to an extent. You almost refuse to consider it unhealthy... actually, I remember thinking I was very healthy. At the same time, I'd wear ankle weights under my jeans if I had a doctor's appointment, cover bruises with concealer, wear looser/thicker shirts when not only hip bones had to be concealed... if you know what i mean, blame back spasms on swimming, etc.

    In the journals I used to keep I commonly wrote about disappearing-- just that it would be nice to get away. The other part stemmed from a need to be accomplished. It made me feel disciplined. I attract girls with eating disorders. When the topic comes up, a common statement is, "I don't know if I'll ever be able to do something as well as I did this." One common conclusion is, "I have to get outside of myself." ....IN?


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    Ideally I'll be the woman

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    I'm guessing INFPs? because some seem extremely self-loathing. I could see potentially any feeler do it because they feel upset about things, but I also believe thinkers can acquire a disorder because they don't feel they measure up to their own standards.

    "Fools who wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves,
    who cannot control their emotions, who wallow in sad
    memories and allow themselves to be provoked this
    easily -- weak people, in other words -- they stand no chance."
    -Severus Snape

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valiant View Post
    Could be right... But it (eating disorders) also seems so very illogical, which would point in the direction of F.
    So, illogical =/= F, necessarily, but that point aside, mental illness has nothing to do with how logical you are, though Fs may suffer from it more often because of how in tune with their emotions they are. I'm currently in a treatment program for Anorexia Nervosa as an ENTJ. Think about it this way: Anorexia is often about control and perfectionism. That's pretty ENTJ. But again, it's a mental illness, not a choice, and there are many factors, including genetics, abuse history, and brain chemistry.

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    ESFPs and ISFPs, probably, mainly because Se could easily lead to difficulty controlling impulses, and being a feeler (irrational, goes with feelings, more concerned with what others think) doesn't help.

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    Any type can develop an eating disorder.

    INFPs, INTJs, INFJs - because of their high perfecionism and idealism

    ENFPs, ESFPs, ESTPs, or ENTPs - because of their self-control issues and desire for attention or appriciation

    ISFJs, ESFJs, ENFJs - becuse they just want to be good enough for others to like them

    ENTJs or ESTJs - because self-control and order matter too much
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