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    Hope you are ok with the celiac problem. I'd have to research this condition, never heard of it before. My opinion is that anything we ingest has potential cause for mental change, however significant. Depression is caused by a wide variety of reasons, so it's hard to pinpoint the exact cause.

    My personality has remained constant from my standpoint. When I ask about how I was to family who knew me as a kid, my mom stated I always had lots of friends and was extraverted prior to puberty time of life (she has no idea what happened to me ) and my sister said I was always a "depresso". I think their perspective was highly subjective, but w/e. From my own vantage point, I see how I could have more of an extraverted dominant personality, in a deep way, meaning I could be xnfp, rather than infx, and this may be my deep rooted problem with socialization, which I've always just chalked up to bad parenting. I do wonder if I were a pure MB type, especially infj or infp why my creative output is so low. Then I get angry with myself, so I try not to go in that direction.

    Typology has its glitches. First advice I would give you is not stress over your disease, this may make things worse. Whoever you are is what you should focus on, if you have a desire to be closer to others, do it. If you enjoy your introversion then truly be with it and enjoy what it offers. Noone ime is obligated to remain just one way throughout life. Personally, whichever type I was to begin with, now that I'm older, being introverted is WONderful. Wish I realized this sooner, but wth.

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    I am entirely convinced my depression is diet related. I've also read studies that a lack of Omega 3 in the diet can cause depression.

    I am just wondering what will happen to my personality once I change my diet (I have to for my health, or it will get progressively worse). All attempts have failed at this point. Wheat is known to be as addictive as heroin in some cases.

    I have noticed that with depression I have had a complete lack of Se... it completely disappeared. I realized than when I was not depressed I utilized it as a natural outlet. I love dancing so much and I was very good at it, like with gymnastics, I moved up levels quickly. I was naturally very aware of my body, but it seems I have lost this ability completely. Once depression set in I quit dancing because I just did not want to do it anymore. The satisfaction was gone.

    After this I started to not socialize as much and became extremely quiet while my Ti developed intensely... and it kind of made things worse from rationalizing reality.

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