Gossip is, "I said, then she said, then I said", and so on.

Gossip is what goes on in personal relationships such as with our parent, our lover or our therapist.

Whereas belief is the context of gossip.

A belief gives meaning to gossip.

And beliefs seem to be largely invisible. For instance we live in a Therapeutic Society so the belief in therapy is taken for granted.

And yet the really obvious thing is that as religion has declined in the West, therapy has taken its place.

And just as religion presumes there is something wrong with us, such as Original Sin or Bad Karma, so therapy presumes there is something wrong with us too.

So all our gossip about our therapy is predicated on the belief there is something wrong with us.

And we know there is something wrong with us because it is obvious, we know it intuitively, the evidence is all around us - we just take it for granted.

But ecstasy come from the Ancient Greek word, ekstasis, meaning stepping outside the taken for granted.

So we can continue to gossip about our therapy or we can step outside it.

And we step outside by changing our belief.

And to encourage us, Margaret Mead the anthropologist, told us, "It is easier to change our belief than it is to change our diet".

And the price for changing our belief is ecstasy.