Just trying to find a headache thread.....

Because my ixfx friend (i suck at typing my friends), but I think she def uses Si....? Anyway, she is very sensitive to her body's feelings and responses. She frequents the naturopath on a regular basis and has numerous food intolerances, a gluten-free diet, fibromyalgia, and now suffers from migraines as well. While I respect her and her sensitivities, my nature is usually to think she overreacts to things/stimuli.

Well, apparently she does. But this is evidently just part of who she is, and how her brain works. She became a Montessori school teacher a few years ago, and while she loves kids, she's always disliked working outside the home, primarily because she is a homemaker and a bit of a social butterfly with her friends; likes to not really have a schedule set for her, but yet likes her own agenda. She is likely pretty HSP. So she works 4 days per week with little kids in a Montessori setting, and when she gets home, to her very quiet and peaceful house, she starts getting a migraine which then lasts all night. She does not have a migraine at work.

So she started getting neuro biofeedback?, I think it's called, and she watches a screen with electrodes on her head and the machine can tell when she is daydreaming. She is supposed to focus on this blue strip and 'try to keep it wide.' If she loses focus, the colors and bars change. She does not have to consciously think of anything else, and she has nothing to learn, per se. But she says this is miraculously curing her migraines.

The woman who does the service says her right and left brain, particularly in my friend's brain, are battling with each other ?, and she becomes WAY overstimulated at work, and when she gets into her quiet setting, BAM, the migraine sets in due to this brain imbalance. I guess she just needs so many treatments, then can quit and be cured, except for a tune-up now and then.

My friend is very wise and has become quite knowledgeable about alternative therapies, so when she says something works, I sort of believe her (as she's tried most everything, including two migraine meds).

Just FYI for the migraine sufferers out there. Plus those interested in the whole right brain/left brain thing.