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    Quote Originally Posted by TickTock View Post
    Do you think you have or are you still living with a firm grasp on it? I don't think either is good or bad, there are pros and cons to both.
    Dude, you're going to laugh, but do you know what I did? I'm teaching English to reallyyyyyyy little kids (18 months to 6-years-old) and I got collections of LITTLE GOLDEN BOOKS OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! And Dr. Seuss books!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like holy crap, so cool! I remember reading these books, and I just have to smile, thinking back on some of the very few positive aspects of my childhood, which was getting read stories (and reading them) at night.
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    I certainly have maintained my childlike wonder at the world and fascinating things, and my optimism (now tempered and strengthened by reality).

    For some reason it seems like some consider putting aside dignity and being silly - or showing real, true excitement at something is childish. I still climb trees, daydream, and my favourite: I never get bored.

    I think part of true maturity in adulthood is letting go of the image of what one must act like to be considered one. Like Lewis said, "When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up."

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