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    I tend to create scenarios of what I'm reading in an active manner. Strangely though when it comes to test the information comes flooding back by little detective methods like hmm what day was it we did this, what was that sheet we had, what was the unit, what was she going on about, where'd I read that. My straight rote recall is pathetic but I can recreate situations and recall the general "story" of the specific chapter, handout, or lecture.

    I'm extremely good at recalling actual debates and conversations I've had, a tactic I always bring out in debates and confrontations when someones bullshitting. Maybe thats why I would always seek out arguments and get sent to the principles office when I was younger. I like don't understand the concept of memorizing though, recall I can wrap my head around but its more elaboration on something in the past it lacks accuracy but it's more than enough for me to reason and derive accurate answers from it.
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    i glance over stuff very quickly and then intuitively try to figure it out on the test sorta works
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