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    Quote Originally Posted by marmalade.sunrise View Post
    Of course it is. It's only one way of looking at the world. It's necessary, but it's certainly not everything. Anyone who thinks that logic is all they need isn't seeing the big picture.
    nobody ever said 'everything'. Something can have structurally infinite potentiality yet not be everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyx View Post
    I think all of our faculties are limited, be that emotion, logic, intuition , or something else. I think that is what leads people to have extremists points of views...from religious fundamentalists to staunch materialists/fatalism. An over-reliance on logic creates an imbalance in world view. These things are only limited by us being human. If we use all of them together, equally, we may be able to find more truth than if we were using logic alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laughingebony View Post
    That is not at all what my argument is saying. The concept pretty simple, so the misunderstanding is probably due to my inability to communicate it clearly.

    The gist of my argument is this: When we consciously work through a justification (that is, an argument, either explicit or implicit) for using logic, we use logic to do so. This is circular.
    I wish to avoid prolonging this, because its basically concluded, but I need to clarify something which sounds strange to me. In simple terms, your argument is using logic to justify the use of logic is circular, hence invalid. But you can only arrive at this conclusion through the use of logic, does it not make this circular?

    Using logic against the use of logic seems to be equally invalid, then the only conclusion is the question is unanswerable. In that case, does the argument that logic is human faculty, therefore limited, hold, since we cannot prove the existence of something greater than human faculties? If we can, does it make the argument circular because we are using logic to argue against the use of logic?

    Edit: @Santtu, yes, need time.
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    Ok. So no far, no-one has commented about the resources I provided. Well, that would need too much braintime anyway.

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