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    I don't do any of these things in a premeditated way. I try to remain as sincere and direct as possible when debating, because I value truth. But perhaps this looks different from the outside.

    When I'm joking, however, I'll say anything for the sake of the joke.
    I have a vagina.

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    haha.....nice repackaging effort.

    1. Of course, they can be used effectively if used stealthily. It's better not to use in a serious argument, though.
    2. Yeah, I see others use them often and, in some threads, I'm okay with it.
    3. Sure, but most people don't seem to know what a logical fallacy is, so it doesn't matter.

    Logical Fallacies

    Non sequitur
    “Some people will tell you that slow is good – but I’m here to tell you that fast is better. I’ve always believed this, in spite of the trouble it’s caused me. Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. That is why God made fast motorcycles, Bubba…”

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