How would you describe your feelings about factual and fictional information, like history and a fantasy world?
Factual information can be my playground, like for a walking encyclopedia or McGyver.. it can be huge fun. All that I can do with it, discuss about.. the jobs being made possible with information, the understanding of universe. I don't care to learn about anything fictional, but I can enjoy fiction for the stories and the fantastical scenarios they make. To me, they have their fun in different things.

Apart from fun, fiction can be a metaphor for something in the real world, and facts are can have a useful application in the real world.
Would the time spent in fiction be better used in the real world?
It's more useful to study the workings of an internal combustion engine than a warp drive from a star ship - and I'd say, with a factor of 1,000,000. Yet, fiction can make me think about exciting adventures and all interesting, that I couldn't do without. So no, I need both; facts and fiction.
What is it that makes people drawn to fiction?
It's a trip out of our world, out of current situation, restrictions, etc.. fiction is a tool for handling our desires and fears and cutting the boring parts away from stories.
Do you enjoy fantasy?
Yes I do, and I enjoy being immersed in a fantasy world once in a while.
Do you enjoy reading non-fiction?
Yes, very much. Encyclopedias, text books from psychollogy, mathematics, law, computer science..
Do you enjoy watching the news and keeping track of current events?
In an almost obsessed way, but I'm keeping it reasonable. To me this is somewhat of an mindless excercise. I really don't learn enough of anything worthwhile to make up for my time, especially when I read about disasters/murders.
What would your world be like without fiction?
Duller, slower, poorer.
Do you think that facts and fiction are on equal par to entertain you?
I'm more entertained by facts that I can imagine to put into use - for entertainment or something practical. I can look for some visual sources and imagine painting a picture, and sometimes I do. I love chatting with people on many topics, being made possible with wide factual knowledge base. Still there's no winner for a good story, like in a good movie.