i accept periods of intense inspiration and reflective periods to consider what my efforts have meant. this is because you are in between things.

it is very easy to read into these in-between periods and assume you have had no direction and no purpose for some time. N doms are the worst accountants.

i like writing out the progress i've made in the last period of time for the analysis. i realize what i've done and what it's been worth. i think about how those projects have helped further develop and clarify the goals i think i have. i consider how i now feel about my goals, and clarify them as necessary. creating specific objectives does help, but at the same time, i allow myself space to make choices in the individual moment or i would wither up and die.

i have had many things i have been passionate about in the past. soccer. musical experiences/expressions. anthropology and religion. continental philosophy. film. relationships with N doms. writing. human psychology. communications. i feel like these experiences have clarified what i can best contribute to society, other individuals, and my own sense of self. i am willing to spend far more time on knowledge than others bc the sense of clarity it provides me gets me off. penetrating vision and poetic inspiration, ways in which individuals express their unique experiences and find value and meaning in the articulations that accompany them. helping others better understand themselves and their potential. and giving my iNtuitive perception-filled imagination shit to play with, explore, be creative with, etc.