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    Quote Originally Posted by Modern Nomad View Post
    thats why so many people start their own businesses. lolz

    to get away from that

    well they say that self control is teh only thing that seperates humans from animals. yet how often can we say we exercise self control
    I always thought it was just the human ability to think it is something it isnt. For better or for worse.
    'Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.' - Marilyn Monroe

    This is who I am, escapist, paradise-seeker.

    Anthropology Major out of Hamline University. St. Paul, Minnesota.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Risen View Post
    You should google "group behavior of human beings" in general. I'm sure most people on the forum already know my loathing of humanity based upon its collective behaviors, so I'll spare you all.
    Will do, and I don't know about your loathing of humanity. I would have been willing to be un-spared. But thank you for the consideration.

    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    It's called sociology.
    I really like sociology. and sometimes I think that personality theory should fall more under the sociological than the psychological umbrella. Of course, that would probably imply that personality came from nurture and not just nature, but personality also effects society and a interactions are generally smoother when you know type...I like to buy sociology books.... I would say I like to read them, but I usually get about 1/3 into them and skip to the end and never finish reading. I have this chronic problem with being able to finish things, even things I enjoy. Anyway, on to the next point;

    Quote Originally Posted by Frank View Post
    Now that you recognize what it is you can exploit it. Most people don't get this far, they just assume their roles. The INFP thing to do might be to enlighten everyone as to what is actually going on but I promise you that will not get you far. Most people will choose the red pill.
    See, this is why I love NTs. They think of the things I never would and make them sound so reasonable.

    Quote Originally Posted by spamtar View Post
    In general, unless you owe a special duty to a person/group or are getting paid to do so, consider keeping the groupthink/group theory secrets from them (hopefully its OK to discuss here...yet expect a reaction if it is framed in a manner that is overly contrary to the Matrix/social illusion).
    This too. ^_^ Unless I'm getting paid, really? Is there a job like that? Illusion remover? Do I have to go to a warehouse and know a secret code word?

    Quote Originally Posted by Xander View Post
    You should watch The Dog Whisperer. Quote a few of the suggestions on that program work equally well with humans as with dogs and most of the time they're fixing the owners and not the dogs!
    I've noticed that. Good show.

    Quote Originally Posted by Modern Nomad View Post
    yet how often can we say we exercise self control
    Almost. Never. It sucks.

    Oh, and for the record, when I said that the idea of appealing to the hierarchical structure was depressing I didn't mean that I'm actually depressed (melancholy, well, that's just who I am, doesn't count). I could have easily put in the word disappointing, frustrating, annoying, idealism-shattering, and/or arduous. It takes more than a few dozen negative epiphanies to stop me!

    "I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life; I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well."
    -Teddy Roosevelt

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