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    It is somehow overcoming that fear .. of something.
    Yeah, i am aware i have not been helpful.
    Thanks for the hug? hehe Don't worry, I'm sure you would have been helpful if you could have :p

    I think the problem with trust is that it is all or nothing. You can't trust someone in half-measures, because that isn't really trusting someone else, that is trusting yourself to be able to control someone else's opinions or reactions in some way... If that makes any sense?

    And obviously control and trust are very, very different things.

    Well I have my food-for-thought for tonight! lol

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    Apparently, there is nothing more frustrating to my ENFJ than me saying things like...

    I don't care.
    I have no opinion on that
    Really, I don't give a shit.
    Eh. Ok?
    I'm not taking a position on this matter at the moment.

    At least he knows they aren't cop-outs, they are honest feelings I have (or lack of) on any given topic. It doesn't concern me but there have been times my indifference has been amplified, due to overload or stress.
    I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris09 View Post
    Close friend/s are incredibly important to me, and I think I may have a bit of a fear about doing something that would ruin a valued friendship, which can make me self-conscious in situations where you'd expect me to be my most relaxed.

    It's not that I don't think I could make new friends, but I'm fiercely loyal to any close friend, so I don't want a new/replacement friend, which puts me in a precarious place mentally I guess.
    I'm just the same. I have to keep reminding myself that I would rather be myself completely and have someone decide we don't have enough in common afterall, than feel nervous around them over it and so not enjoy their company anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris09 View Post

    You are all going to think I'm some self-centered egomaniac if I keep posting topics about myself! Argh. lol
    So best guess at the moment I'm a sociable INFP. My enagram Type 9 followed by type 2. (How do I write that properly?)

    Anyway, I've noticed I don't really have opinions or preferences about a lot of things. I am so good at seeing something from different views, that there isn't really anything I would say I 'hate', just things that might work better in a different context or whatever.

    I think it may annoy my friends (the select few there are) a little bit, because they probably think I'm agreeing with them because I want them to like me or whatever. That isn't really the case, It's just that I can see almost straight away their perspective and thus why they like it.

    Sometimes it can get to a point though where I myself forget who I am etc Like a chameleon who forgets what colour his skin actually is. lol Sometimes I catch myself and have to wonder if that is even my own opinion thought or whatever.

    Anyone else experience this? If so, feel free to share your story/whatever, and if you have any suggestions, then those too!

    I can relate entirely.

    If there is ever a dispute between my friends, I find it hard to "take a side". I would rather try to comprehend each party's perspective, and help reconcile the fraction.

    When I enter a new social setting, I attempt to warm up to every individual within the group. I don't like it when one of my friends is expelled from the group, because I feel that the environment isn't balanced.

    However, conflict is a natural part of life, and it is necessary for growth and renewal. I think it is essential for many INFPs to recognize this because there are some differences between people that are irreconcilable. (I hate to say it).

    At the very center of my consciousness, I have no adamant opinions. However, to give the appearance that I am opinionated, I sometimes play Devil's Advocate like an INTP would.

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