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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
    I am silly enough, that really I could use a sensible switch
    Don't say that!! Take it back!!! :horor:

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    sex and alcohol.
    Or extreme stress.

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    Yes, and my silliness permeates the air, influencing other people.

    I have actually pissed some authority figures off because I was able to strip them of their seriousness. It wasn't intentional on my part, however.

    For instance, when I was younger, I often played in the backroom of the pharmacy where my dad worked due to untimely circumstances. Consumed by boredom, I would often do silly things like draw (very realistic) pictures of cockroaches and paste them on the inside of the employees toilet. I even took the warning label stickers from their dispenser and put them all over my face. Afterword, I would tuck toilet paper in my clothes and run throughout the pharmacy like the little gremlin I was.

    While my dad's boss was amused, he was forced to apply a new rule that non-pharmacists were not allowed in the backroom.

    Good times. Always make sure your INFP children have some stuffed animal or game to play with. Their Ne can be entropic.

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