Sorry if this has done before (I'm sure it has)..

But we got into Archetypes today in class and I automatically related it to MBTI (maybe because my mind hovers around MBTI a lot these days), and it was intriguing even though it's all material I have generally comprehended before.

I see Myers Briggs at the same level as Archetypes. And that being said, I'd like to emphasize that MBTI is blown way out of proportion. I blow it way out of proportion, but by understanding it as the same concept as Archetypes, I think it brings us into the realm of the MBTI really is. And please don't say that Myers Briggs came from Archetypes because even though that is the absolute truth, it is not the discussion of this topic.

Here's a site I found interesting.
What’s Your Archetype? | ::HorsePigCow:: marketing uncommon

I think applying MBTI the same way we apply Archetypes, we can better understand personalities and peoples as a whole instead of analyzing every little occurrence and thought in our psyches. It resides on such a larger scale than that.

Maybe what I'm really trying to say here is that since Archetypes are a general yet answering concept of and by people as a WHOLE instead as strict individual specimens.

It's kind of like you have this great and grandeur idea...but can't necessarily formulate it into a segment of text. So I hope you get where I'm coming from on this.

edit: or maybe this is just me having a complete revelation after viewing and using MBTI wrong for so long. It is really conceptualizing for me now. And I know that some of you are probably already this level...but if this was of any revelation to me, than I'm sure it has the power to have an impact on others as well.