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    Default type and advice

    Host: Hi, this is the type advice hot line. We have a caller.
    Max: hi!
    host: hello. What's your name and what's your problem?
    Max: hi, I'm Max. I have a problem of not finishing my studies.
    host: well, glad we have an expert on board. Bill, expert on studies, will answer this.
    Bill: Hi Max! I'm an ESTP, and there's nothing that beer and some hot people can't fix. Go find yourself some!
    host: Bill got his answer right there! Max, whaddya say?
    Max: uhh, I'm not sure. I really think my problem is nothing like that.
    host: I get you, I get you. It's your lucky day we have our resident ESFP in here. Say hi, Chris.
    Chris: Hi! I'm ESFP. I think you should totally lick everyone's ass. It's worked for me.
    host: max?
    Max: uhh, what the hell? How is that going to improve my scores? I need some solid advice here.
    host: I get you, something more serious for a serious type. Yes? Lucky we have an expert on that in here today, too! David, what advice would you give to the student in despair?
    David: Good evening Max.
    Max: evening.
    David: I think I can quite understand the issue in question. Have you had regular study schedules?
    Max: Well, I've studied whenever possible. It's been hard recently, given my mom's funeral, my broken leg and all, but I've given it all the time I've got.
    David: Now I'm seeing the problem in here. Well, first of all, you'd need to study every day, according to plan set out at least 2 days in advance, for 2 hours 12 minutes straight, preferably starting at 5:37 am, give or take a second.
    Max: I'm speechless.
    David: you're welcome. As you know, we ISTJ give the best advice.
    Max: I see.
    Host: So whaddya say Max?
    Max: I've got a plenty of advice alright, more than I asked for.
    Host: Good! What's your type Max?
    Max: ISFP.
    Host: Great! Good luck with your studies Max!
    Bill. Chris, David: Good luck!
    Max: thanks. Bye.
    Host: Thank you, max. And good night. (beep) That's our last caller! And that was our night with Type Advice. Now if YOU ever had a problem - call our helpline. Remember - there's no type so difficult it couldn't be learned the other way. This has been a night with type advice. Good night!
    (theme music kicks in)
    ESTP: that guy was a wuss.
    ESFP: he was so not cool.
    ISTJ: regularity is the key to good performance. Our last caller clearly lacked that. Starting and maintaining a clear .. (fades out)

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    Hahaha! Love it!

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    Good one. I like the ISTJ's advice.

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    Oh, come on, I'm not like that...


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    Host: this is our program with Type Advice, and we're taking feedback on the last night's program first. We have our first caller on the line. You're on the air. What's your name?
    Me: Hi, I'm Santtu.
    Host: Hello and welcome on our show.
    Me: Thank you.
    Host: what is it that you'd like to comment on?
    Me: Well, the last advice yesterday left a bit of a bad feeling for me.
    Host: How so?
    Me: Well, there was none of the right kind of experts with you on the studio last night, so the last caller got just bad advice that wasn't good for him at all.
    Host: What advice would you give him, Santtu?
    Me: I think he should look inward and find the lack of empathy from his heart, and stubborness as well, so any problem will succumb.
    Host: Thank you, Santtu. What was your type again?
    Me: ENTJ.
    Host: Thank you. That was Santtu from Helsinki. (beep) Do we have second caller on the line?

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