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    Anyone familiar with the teachings of Abraham? It's a so easy-going and pleasant way to look at life in my opinion. I recommend this for all open minded people out there.

    It's about allowing things that you desire in your life into existence and according to the "theory" people only experience shortage and limitations because they misunderstand the fundamental laws of the universe.

    Most people resist and are almost addicted to their outer circumstances, but by directing your emotions with more pleasant feeling thoughts you will reach your desired outcome. Nothing is more important than that you feel good and by feeling good you can actually achieve anything you want. Your power lies inside you, it is your emotions and they are functioning like your GPS, if something does not feel good you are off track to what you desire. Let your feelings be your guide instead of trying to control every circumstance that you happen to be in.

    This teachings has similiarities with the secret, but this is much better

    Check it out here: Home of Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction -- It All Started Here!

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    The secret is fine as a starting point in discovering more universal truths..More like a pop commercial attempt at them.As long as it possitively affects you.. but we probably shouldnt stop there.. i mean are we only looking for the theory that best fits our own contempt? just a thought

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    I discovered Abraham Hicks in January this year and it has been the beginning of my true spiritual awakening.
    Abraham has really managed to remind me that joy is the true purpose of life and our natural state. It added more lightheartedness to my life which I surely needed.
    Now I listen to other spiritual teachers like Teal Swan and Matt Kahn, too.
    They all have their unique insights and gifts to share with the world.

    But the basic factors are all the same:

    - We are spiritual beings having a human experience in physical bodies
    - Ultimately, all in the universe is one
    - Follow your joy / get into the Vortex and "magic" will happen (You'll be successful etc.)
    - Understand that the world as you perceive it and the people around you merely are a mirror of your self/state of consciousness
    - Be present with/ honour your emotions and try to live in the now
    - Let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs, release old traumata...

    Did I forget something?

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