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    Quote Originally Posted by Pitseleh View Post
    I think the average extrovert would fare better because they get somewhat energized by it but there is a point where anyone would break though.

    An introvert would be drained much faster since it's not an energy source for them.
    That's true, but the extrovert gains energy from the outside world... so I guess if the outside world is providing stimulation, the extrovert will be happier. I'm usually asking/planning new things to do after being out all day yapping my face off with friends -but they get rejected- Extroverts prefer to spend energy in the outer world, right? I'm not sure how far an introvert could go really, you'd have to force them and find out
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    Well, depends on what you call "stimulation."

    I could be in the company of 1 or 2 people for months and months and not have any energy drain at all.

    If you're talking a party of 10 or more people.. maybe 2 days??

    Depends on the quantity of people and the quality of time

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    Good lord! I could hard core extrovert for 2-5 hours and I'd be done for a couple days.

    In a sensor laden environment such as a club full of hair, heals and cleavage, I could do an hour.

    At a rave I could do 5 hours.

    As for chattering, I would verbally assassinate the person in 15 minutes or less. I'm well known for shutting that small talk psycho babble down quick, I just won't put up with it!

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    1-4 hours, maybe more???

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    I'm not an Extravert, but it depends on what you call socializing.

    If you mean talking on AIM, e-mail, or posting on forums... I can literally do that all day long for several months, stopping only to eat and sleep.

    If you mean talking to someone on the phone... I can only do that for about 5 hours, because then my voice gets tired and my ear gets red and irritated.

    If you mean being out somewhere with an individual... I could take that for about 3 hours on a weekday, maybe 8-10 on a weekend.

    If you mean being out in a group that includes strangers, then I can only put up with that for about 1-2 hours (I have no idea how I'd respond to a group of people entirely made of people I knew/liked).

    Basically, I have much higher threshold for either one-on-one, or text-based communication. It's really only dealing with groups in person that drains me.

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    Within the right company I can spend hours just being present within environment. Granted this doesn't happen often since I usually like to do my own stuff on the computer, but if there is gaming at hand... Skies the limit really.

    I do get tired after a while but it's not because of people. I'm just prone to falling asleep if I mentally exhuast myself too much and that can happen when I'm alone or with people. It's given others the impression that I'm always rather slow and sleepy but I guess it's my own fault for snoozing in people's floor or standing out snoozing. Heh heh.

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    I guess this is a lot compared to some people but I've socialized for whole months, work and out every night then all day on the weekends. I was very very broke after that. Actually it wasn't even the brokeness that stopped me (friends buy other friends shots when they've fallen upon hard times!), it was that I ran out of clean underwear.
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    When I'm socializing with S types I get bored after half an hour if we're not doing anything(sports, working, making stuff happen).

    When I'm socializing with N types I can go for 4-5 hours and even then I'm not bored, I'm just tired.

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    It depends on the company. If I'm with people who expect to be entertained but are not entertaining themselves I get tired very easily and am very happy to go home.

    If I am with people I enjoy I can certainly sit for hours and listen and talk....however even then I take breaks to be with my own thoughts. My extroversion can make me tired when I'm with a group of even people I like because I'm thinking not only about what I think but also I'm thinking about what they think. I need to step away to quiet my thoughts or order them and then I can rejoin the group.

    I very much enjoy being alone. I'm pleasant company for me. When I'm in the mood to socialize I do but very often if I answer the will find me at home with a good book and a glass of wine.
    for my life is slowed up by thought and the need to understand what I am living.

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    I don't get what you mean by 'break', I stay as long as I want, when the company is stimulating it's generally a desire to sleep that makes me to leave. As for how many days in a row, well that depends on what we're doing.

    I can be surrounded by people and noise without engaging if I've had enough and not need to get away cause I'm paying no attention, what makes me feel like I have to leave is lack of interest in the conversation or activities.

    Don't be boring and I'm happy.

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