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Thread: Fine! Bored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    You tell an insecure person they suck at life, all of a sudden YOU are the enemy.

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    The amount of how much it would bother me to be told i suck is proprtional to the amount of effort I put into what I suck at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WickedQueen View Post

    If you're 7 years old girl and a guy trying to raped you, what choices or decisions do you have that could change his mind?

    Well see, this is exactly my point. No one can control, life, others, etc. The only thing we can do, is learn to control our choice of perception in our experiences. From there, decide how we will respond. Not having this understanding, or possibly just a lack of integrity, leads to actions like this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Wonkavision View Post
    I would say that seeking validation is not, in and of itself, a negative thing.

    It depends on the amount or degree of validation-seeking.

    I would suspect that everyone desires some amount of validation.

    But sometimes people delude themselves into thinking that they don't need any validation, and are therefore superior to the rest of the human race, so they get drunk every night, alone, and rail against things like people needing validation.

    And tell people who are already insecure that they "suck at life."

    Boy---people like this sure could use some validation.

    In which people fail to understand perceptions beyond their own, and attempt to knock others down, in a really REALLY creepy way, in order to even the score. This act is executed for the purpose of validating ugliness rather than being open to pursuits of knowledge.

    The pursuit of knowledge requires that one be open to new information and understandings. In this sense, your goal is not to validate. On the contrary, we give up our self centered need to be agreed upon, for the sake of expanded exploration into a world that exists beyond ourself. Some may chose to explore, and therefor not everyone NEEDs the former.
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