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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    Here's how it goes for me, usually.

    Small issues: STIMULUS->THOUGHT/EMOTION (depending on the issue. An insult would receive more thought, whereas someone skipping work would be more emotion)->ACTIONS->(The one I left out later..)

    Big issues: STIMULUS->INITIAL ACTION (Whatever action I need to do to calm down the situation)->THOUGHT->ACTION (Resume myself once I know the situation I want to be in and how I want to handle it). Emotion is throughout that process to help guide those actions, never in just one slot.
    I'm going to agree with my sis on this one.
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    I think it would be more accurate to say that Thinkers would get themselves into charged situations more likely. Feelers know just what not to say in order to avoid this pitfall. Obviously, the F and T would react differently to the situation, that is to say, they may not appear as 'charged' in the same charged situation as an F, but they may accidentally enter it more easily. For instance:
    Thinker: Would you put more effort into your work next time?
    Feeler (indignant): What do you mean?
    Thinker(seeing emotion in the response): Hmm, I thought you realized it was inadequate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poki View Post
    I feed my Ti off of data from Se so I am forced to be very perceptive. Sometimes the cautious seems like your trying to figure out my motive, and eventually ENFPs may flat out ask. The thing that Js dont always realize that is when you try to steer anything in life you miss the natural reaction and in turn control what you see. I usually let the ENFP steer the conversation, I noticed that they usually stick to something you both have in common, but at times can hold an entire conversation on there own as long as they know your paying attention.

    I have seen an ENFP go straight from Ne to Fi. Its when it bypasses Te and Si. It gets fed Te in a logical way with enough Si that it goes straight to Fi.
    I always want to know motives . I am used to seeing them pretty easily though. For comfort I tend to look to lock into the other person's thinking style at the start of the conversation. Ti Se Ni is difficult though, in the same way Ni Fe Ti is, because it is all in my weak areas; high detail, exacting, technical is really not my strong point, even though I'm a physicist. I actually rate ISTPs in my top few types for all round intelligence also. Seem to be able to master and explain everything.
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    "Feeling" in the MBTI sense is a thought process; feeling does not equal emotion, but it can involve emotion. It means we consider the value of a decision as much as its logical outcome. We might be more swayed by our emotions, as something that causes a stronger emotional reaction may then seem more important.
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    When I was thinking about models and stuff I tended to call F consequential, and T rational. They seem to focus more on how logically sound the situation or decision is, whereas we focus more on consequences and impact.
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