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    Quote Originally Posted by nolla View Post
    Umm... I didn't mean to send that message. I really did want to know why you choose to live in a state of stress if you could change it. Or is there really an option? Do you think it just "happens"?

    I supposed that the unconscious defenses must also change in the process, while I think the process itself has to be at least partially conscious.
    It's like entering a cloud of unknowing. Most of the time we know what is coming next, but in the cloud of unknowing, we don't know but we keep our eyes open anyway.

    At first we feel fear, which is quite naturally the fear of the unknown.

    The big advantage of the unknown is that it never becomes familiar - it is always a surprise.

    And after a while, it becomes a surprise party.

    Of course you should always do this in a safe environment.

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    You want to say you've been there done that, or that you took a peek and turned back?

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