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    Default the venture brothers

    i'm gonna post the types of the characters but i didn't want it to be all about the typology so i put it here.

    there's actually some interesting psych. stuff. the show actually seems like a response to sigmund freud's perverted outlook flared up by modern popular culture, with maybe a little bit of absurdist/existentialist [kafka and his cronies are an obvious influence] thrown in.
    but i'm just guessing about that.
    i have written profiles on Dr. Rusty Venture and Brock Samson. i'll post those two when i get home, and i'll work on the other characters too.

    anyway this show is freakin' amazing and hilarious so if you don't already, you should watch it. avidly.

    dr. venture: INTP
    brock samson: ISTP
    dean venture: ESFJ
    hank venture: ESFP
    orpheus: INTJ

    monarch: ENTJ
    dr. girlfriend: ISFP
    the henchmen: ISTJ*

    pete white: ENFJ
    billy quizboy: ENFP
    baron werner underbheit: ESTJ
    phantom limb: ESTP

    that's basically everybody.

    *the henchmen are actually one character.
    we fukin won boys

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    Great show!

    Kafka, Scooby Doo references, what's not to like?

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    Default thaddeus venture

    dr. venture
    dr. venture is actually more like a brother than a father to the quarreling venture bros. impetuousness and ignorance accompany the longing for siblings which are only just made manifest in the slow-to-mature, only-child INTP.
    his father [the original dr. venture - ENTP] was, an accomplished man -- a success. rather than inspiring his son, he actually overwhelmed him, perhaps believing too strongly in the boy's potential, eventually exposing him to things his psyche couldn't handle. inducing a staunch preference to seclude himself from the 'adventures' [like INTPs usually prefer anyway] the trauma brought by overexposure turned out to put Rusty at a disadvantage. his maturation was slowed as he was prohibitively damaged.

    under the hood: rusty venture was forced to use an uncomfortable amount of iNtuition as a youngster [thank you, over-assuming ENTP dad] which, naturally for an INTP, induced a strong desire to withdraw where he could employ Thinking. so strongly did he withdraw that he actually managed to develop a well rounded Sensing faculty.
    in the extroverted world, iNtuition dominates for INTPs. internally, Thinking has control. but in times of neglect and extended solitude [a sure-thing in dr. venture's case], Sensing is forced to assist Thinking in its tireless systematizing.
    for INTPs though, the use of Sensing is almost exclusively confined internally.
    where an ISTJ might be able to reach out with Si to discover what an apple is to himself, the INTP having no preference for Sensing to begin with has trouble with this, resulting in Sensing obsessing over the body, and henceforth, security.

    choosing to be all alone made him even more scared of coming out into the world.
    we fukin won boys

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