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There was also a strong element of this present, if you replace "girls" with "NFs" and "math" with "virtually anything abstract".
Yeah. I only saw a little of it while reading posts over there... and I STILL feel like I need to qualify my statements with things like "This is just an NF perspective, but..." when responding to something interesting in the NT Rationale or any thread that talks about NTs in general.

This also alternated with a difficult to avoid (for me) element of, "Haha! You got outwitted by an NF. Who feels pathetic now? I'd feel sorry for you, but I know you don't like compassion, so I'll just gloat instead." It took me a long time to learn not to see INTPs primarily through this lens, looking for opportunities to do that to them. It still shows up at times, though. I suppose another line I wanted to use occasionally was, "No, your insults don't make me want to cut myself. They make me want to cut YOU. Repeatedly."

It wasn't a very healthy dynamic to introduce, and I think they eventually realized that it backfired. I hope.