toonia, cafe and i were just discussing this the other day. i am spacey sometimes. i flip from one project to the next. i can't seem to focus on one thing. in fact right now i am thinking of two other things i need to do after i close my browser.

i also seem to have a bad memory. it's like i block things out that aren't needed? i don't know if that's early alzheimers or just spaceyness.

i totally agree with what you're saying about socializing. sometimes when i'm talking to people i space out and skip important parts of the conversation and leave them probably thinking i'm crazy. i expect people to be somewhat psychic and understand what i'm saying. i was at my daughters preschool xmas party the other day and had a brief conversation with this woman who just stared at me and nodded. then we went our separate ways and when i thought about our conversation later i felt as though she probably thought i was loony. either that or she was stupid and had nothing to contribute.

i also notice certain people and analyze then to death. then when we do converse i feel as though i know them while they're still wondering who i am. that doesn't happen often just once in a blue moon.

i guess thats why i feel like an oddball in social settings and avoid them. i always leave feeling like i've said something weird and people think i'm strange.

anyway i glanced over your op and understand what you're saying and agree.