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Thread: Speaking Style

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    Quote Originally Posted by booyalab View Post
    I hate when other people mumble. I think I'm pretty good at refraining from it considering I'm an INT, but I'll sometimes trail off if I'm getting bored of talking. My speaking voice is level. It gets monotonous when I go into 'informative' mode.
    Uh huh, I notice that in myself as well -- the informative "monotone." It's really difficult to put too much animation into my voice, it drains me and has to be a conscious effort.

    I watch my oldest kid do the monotone mumble too, but he's really bad... and he has some sort of orthodontic device in his mouth right now, which only compounds the issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by Veneti View Post
    INT's should in theory be witty as quick thinking and imagination are all part of the INT's internal workings? (aka a bit of brain jousting).
    That sums up most of my real-life interactions with INTs... it's very very easy for us to fall into the "witticism" pattern, each one playing off the other. We don't mean to be annoying, we enjoy that sort of conversation (one with lots of humor and some real topics mixed together in a jumbled mess), but non-INTx's sometimes get frustrated, so I've had to learn to rein it in when appropriate.
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    It depends very much on how I'm feeling at the time, and who I'm speaking to. I usually speak in a fairly fast, clear tone when I'm around friends and family, but when I'm starting to get to know people, I've noticed my speech becomes more of a mumble, and sometimes even hard for me to understand. If I'm aware of it at the time, I start to over exaggerate the clarity. My voice also becomes more high pitched when addressing groups or teachers etc.

    I also use a lot of hand gestures (providing I have the room; I tried it on a train once but I kept thwacking the poor woman next to me); apparently, I also pull rather extreme facial expressions if I'm not talking, but if I am, my face becomes oddly blank, as though all the emotional effort is going into choosing the right words.

    Whenever I get annoyed or excited by something, I become subconsciously louder; I don't know it's actually happening until someone tells me. My pitch variation also tends to increase, though that's more a conscious effort to emphasize certain words or phrases.

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    I have a quiet voice, hoarse and very low for a girl. I have some intonation when I am not speaking in my mother tongue, because I try to imitate what I perceive as “usual intonation” of the language I am speaking. If it was not for that, I ‘d probably have a speaking style as dull and monotonous as the things I usually say

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    Speaking is not my thing. In general I suck at it. I hate my dialect. Okay, perhaps I would mumble a bit anyway, but if I used a different dialect, I think I would mumble a lot less! Is my voice monotone? Hell yeah! That being said, it is better among my friends, and when I speak about something that I am into. I am so bad at explaining stuff orally I am usually overwhelmed by the challenge. Whenever I am able to explain something I am really relieved. Lately I have become more absent, so I guess that has made me even worse in the speaking department, speaking lower and mumbling more than ever. I make a lot of sarcasm, by the way. My sarcastic comments are just short though, of course. And yeah, people who don't know me might easily get offended. It's not like I change my intonation when I am sarcastic ...

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