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    Ah, pretty much new words, but I see.

    Guess you will never be able to ask your dealer in my streets about that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oom View Post
    I'd actually heard that there has been a lot of inbreeding in the Netherlands, leading to diminished quality. I wonder if people aren't being responsible breeders, as inbreeding would be a quick way to increase production. Anybody else heard this before?
    Rumors go around about everything. Most prominantly is that it's pretty widely said that the Netherlands is the best seed supplier.

    Obviously you might think I'm biased since it says Netherlands in my tag but trust me, I lost my care for cannabis a long time ago. Quit smoking 5 years ago (drinking too). I still know some things about it though. :P
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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