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    Quote Originally Posted by nightning View Post
    I couldn't tell the pressure of the writing from your photos.... The writing showed up fairly faint in the large photo. However the lines are thick. Is this just a dull pencil or are you applying enough pressure to make indentation on the other side of the page and it's just bad quality from the photo?

    Writing classified as "small". Neat and rounded in appearance. Top section is in print while the rest is cursive? The upward curling t's and h's at the start of the word in the cursive writing is slightly "worrisome". Those are referred to as "support" strokes at the beginning of the word. (i.e. words don't stand on their own) Can suggest insecurity.

    I'd say the writing goes better along the lines of an introvert. However it's not your typical INTJ writing. (see nonsequitur's above )

    Sorry about that, it's a combination of a thick pencil lead (.7 or .9) and a crappy photo. There's rarely an indentation on the other side of the page and it's not terribly dark. I usually print things like instructions (at the top) and schematic representations. It's an old habit, just developed to make certain things stand out.

    Worrisome and insecure seem like fair assessments, might be why the E/I is such a muddle. Seems my writing gets larger the more stressed I become. Stays fairly small when I'm relaxed...wonder what that's about.

    Thank you for checking it out. I wish the samples had been a bit better for you.

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    After examining mine a bit, I found that it can change from left to right, depending on words and oftentimes seems more or less straight. There seems to be a preference to leaning to the left though.

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