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    It's not so much social anxiety, it's just that I really dislike most of the pricks that I'm arround. A bunch of ES types, and with ESTJ's and ESTP's, it's really annoying and draining.

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    Well, this is not nearly enough info to judge this objectively, not even for a trained counsellor, I'd say. However, if you are willing to share, feel free to do so, or pm me.

    For what it is worth, you sound to me like a typical young INTP, and there's nothing wrong with that. And yes, if you work at it, you can improve this part of your life, as with anything. Don't expect it to be easy though

    Ps the types you mention, especially if still young themselves, are a challenge to handle, especially for an introvert.

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    Hey, been there, done that.

    INTP's do not mature overnight (does anyone? :P ), their maturing process is long. It's a very complicated Ti process that takes a lot of time. Part of growing up is questioning every aspect of your life that feels out of place. You bringing up this topic for example. But it's far more then that. It's several years of topics like these roaming around in your mind.

    This is very healthy for an INTP.

    Don't expect to grow up in a year or two or whatever, just keep being yourself, keep questioning everything you feel the need to question, and develop yourself accordingly. You will reach a stage where you are much more comfortable with who you are.

    Also, try to see new experiences as learning oppertunities. So you don't shy away from new things too easily. It's okay to make your Ti push you ahead of your Ne from time to time. But do know that this can be very tiring at times, take time outs if you need them to process and analyze.
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