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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    I made two huge decisions that were 100% feelings based and they both turned out OK. YAY!
    You're succumbing to the dark side!

    I never make descisions based on feelings (other than survival instinct moments), and I'm happy with it.
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    I think all decision need logic and feelings together to get a complete and accurate picture. If you go solely on feelings, it is very easy to be impulsive or fickle. However, if you go solely on logic, you do not consider how your decision impacts others and how it will affect you personally in the long term. Either can leave a trail of destruction in your wake, without ever having bad intent. So instead of a time by time basis for decision making, there need to be some overarching principles to guide both your logic and your feelings.

    Any good decision can withstand scrutiny.

    Do you have any people in your life that have done well themselves and how have a big enough stake in your life to want to see it go well? I consider them like my sober second thought people - people who have skills/expertise I may need, people I may get information from (eg purchasing a car or house), discuss ideas with, or look over something big before I go for it in case there's anything important I might have missed. I don't have to listen to them, but they have known me for awhile and what they have to say is at least worthy of consideration.

    How does it fit in with my basic life philosophy or with my value system? If you do not have some framework to fit things into, you cannot live and behave consistently, or in a way that you will ultimately be satisfied with.

    In general, the bigger the decision, the more time it is worthy of in the making and the more useful outside information and other's input becomes.

    Could I defend my decision without becoming defensive? Why is it a good idea?

    Does this decision impact other people? If so, how will it affect them? (This is relevant, whether considering taking a new job, moving, marrying or anything else major).

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