Oh and the other unexpected/unrealized thing about being an extravert, that some introverts might not think about, as I mentioned in the stalking thread, it can be a bit of a disadvantage when the way you sort through your thoughts and figure out what you think is by talking them through externally, because you're left vulnerable to anyone overhearing or catching you mid-process and taking what they hear as your final word, your definitive opinion on the matter.

People who do this stuff internally can simply approach someone at the end of the process with their reasonable, calm and well thought out conclusion and nobody's any the wiser and they don't have to worry about anyone finding out that a couple of hours previously they were contemplating capital punishment as a viable method of dealing with the person whose hand they're shaking right now.

As an extravert I often find myself having to explain and defend myself against accusations of what people have wrongly construed that I think about them or about something else, based on having blundered in on me in mid-process and taken my preliminary ramblings and brain dumps as my actual opinions.