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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    it has to do with I fucked around in college, a.)I wasn't enjoying my major and b.)I didn't really have friends, so I was a bit depressed, the first 2 years so my grades weren't great I had some shit happen last spring failed all my classes. So I go back this last fall changed my major (which I'm loving btw) determined to get good grades, and halfway through my room mate decides to kill herself, that killed all motivation for me failed some classes. I don't care at that point then i finally decide i do care and I go to the advising office and I say look if I have a's and b's at the end of the semester can i petition? and tell them what happened last semester, they pretty much say no chance. I beg they tell me come back when my grades get in and they'll talk then. But their reasoning is I didn't come to them when it happened, and I'm like ??? really??? my room mate tried to kill herself the last thing I was worried was about grades. and it's just frustrating, cuz I know where I screwed up, and I know I can get my gpa up but i can't by the end of this semester as I need all A's.I know I would have been fine if my room mate hadn't attempted suicide because I would not have lost motivation. So basically I need to do my best, but when I sit down to work all this starts looping through my head.
    It's a tough situation purple... sometimes life just deals you a bad hand and you have to tough it out. If I'm in the situation then all I can do is try getting as much of the assignments completed as I can. I find taking short breaks like going on a stroll outside helps. Then I go back at it. The roommate thing has happened. That problem's fixed... now it's time to work on yours. Maybe keep that in mind while you're working.
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    A very good friend of mine is infp and I think he recently experienced a similiar problem to yours.

    His girlfriend left him a couple of weeks ago and since then he fell into a great lethargy, though he didnt show it in public. When I visited him, he always pretended to be in a good mood and concerned himself with other topics.

    In the recent weeks though, after he has spent a great deal of his time now being alone at home, he started to get more active again. He is exploring some new discotheques, which play his favourite music in the local area and he frequently asks me on weekends to join him. Being more active, as Pink said it, in the fields of Si and Se really seems to help him to set his mind on new endeavours and to look into the future, breaking his mind looping around the past through new experiences

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    I've been caught in loops like that in the past. The best way to break them is to play with the loop itself. You think what you usually think but mess around with the imagery etc in your mind until you can't play the loop the same way again.
    You can't stop looping by looping not looping.
    Worked for me quite a few times.

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    I don't know if you are in a loop. A loop is simply a repetition. And the way out of a loop, is not to end the loop, but to introduce a small extraneous element into the loop.

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    I'm in total understanding, been there too, like an absurd critical mascot at every step of the way to lessen the blows, life all of a sudden then goes from 10 to a 1000 steps away in mere days. I'm still working on cutting out the negative flotsam.

    However what has been mentioned by Pink to reconnect with the Si and Se does wonders. Bless my friends, they are wiser than I in the realm of the real and its amazing how it gets you to refocus just by doing the little things and build to the big things in life. Of course to have anyone who you can trust and talk to, to fully release the stress energy is beneficial too.

    Your cortisol will fluctuate in response to your stressors too, if you stay in such a situation at a constant it'll have an adverse effect on your endocrine glands. Ptsd too, after all the fight or flight response is how the adrenal glands responds to situations under pressure goes some way in understanding why anxiety and lethargy happen.

    An idea is to think of all the positives in your life which allows you to refocus on what your intention was, anchor to something thats important to you for strength, before the negatives happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPiranha View Post
    Welcome, babe

    My NFP sis get stuck too like that, and the only way out for her is to do something physical to reconnect.
    Maybe that's why my INFP sister enjoys gardening.

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    put a break statement in the loop.

    on a more serious note, hindsight is 20/20. we all make mistakes (not that im assuming you made a mistake). you just learn from your mistakes (or whatever it may be). and let move on. unless it is really going to effect you that much in the future, i wouldn't worry about it.

    ahh i just read what happened. i know how you feel. believe me. ya a little bit of external stimulation will do wonders. this is why i go to the gym. punching bags are great. hang out with friends, do what you need to do to shake it all out so you can think clearly and focus on what is ahead and not on what is in the past. (though the past is good for learning purposes)


    lol my cheesy programmer joke still applies
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    what is the best thing that someone could do to help you? ...if you know O_o

    eat choclate or exercise or do something that'll release endorphans, that might put you in a better position to change your thinking. dahh, thats the best thing i can think of right now, sorry.

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    I force myself to do something - mental or physical - that is so engaging I have no choice but to get out of the loop in order to do it properly. A change of environment plus helps, too, even if it's just going to a cafe and people watching for a bit or chatting with a friend.
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    Writing - not school writing, a journal, spill your guts for a few weeks, then burn the thing, very cleansing

    Volunteer - get into the real world and see yourself making a difference in someone's life

    Put your request to have your grades reevaluated in writing - see if they can blow you off so easy then!

    Bubble baths

    Love and hugs - take as many hugs as you can get!

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