Posted this earlier but deleted it zz ^ Inspired me again.

An identity isn't inherently had, it's created selectively and sustained. And we can have many identities, interwoven into the fabric of our mind, which may seem complimentary and contradictory. I think, for the most part, they're unconsciously chosen, selective to the individual's experiences which seem preferable, regardless of how desirable the representation is to others, and likely sustained consciously once we can't separate the image of what we think we really are or should be.

Because normally... isn't who we are based on what we think we are?

When we're able to remove ourselves from our creations, I think we'll become self-aware we are creation, and not just aware we were created in likeness- of our own choosing.

Having an identity can be good for us. It's only when we become trapped by them that we no longer choose our roles but are chosen for parts by them and by others. We stop thinking and just do what we think we are.

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