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    What is deep to one person is hollow to another, and vice-versa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didums View Post
    What is deep to one person is hollow to another, and vice-versa.

    For me the two are not the oppoites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antisocial one View Post
    For another example: people can look at one lovely field with some rocks on it and enjoy in the beauty and quiet of the landscape and think how it would nice to live here.

    But what would typical geologist do ?

    I would try to date the age of rocks and draw a simple map. Once you do that some things will become much more clear. Maybe the landscape looks nice but the positions and oldness of rocks suggest that there is a entire fault line system in this landscape that is literally invisible.(but it is there)
    What means that it would not be too good to live there.
    As a landscape gardener, I would do the same.
    I would look at the rocks, and see what they can tell, what they can reveal. But I've been extensively trained in geology too. And this science draws my attention a lot since childhood (one of my Grandpa used to teach Geology in university).

    A landscape specialist has to understand every parameters of the land he sees, and make a comprehensive synthesis nonetheless.
    "A man who only drinks water has a secret to hide from his fellow-men" -Baudelaire

    7w8 SCUxI

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    I agree with the different mindset thing completly but I have spend too much time "outside" of many norms to just blend in. Unless I mask myself.
    Your lack of interest in other people strikes me as the largest obstacle. I was going to suggest trying to connect with like-minded people but if they don't interest you........? Are you interested in other people's ideas/accomplishments etc.? Perhaps you can bond over that (ideas/work) rather than the personal connection, at least to start.

    I guess the bottom line is - are you happy being how you are or do you want to change (your behavior)?

    Sorry, this probably isn't exactly what you are asking about, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

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