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    I had a realisation the other day as I was browsing through a Photoshop magazine in a book store, I will never be a true enthusiast. I will bounce from one interest to another and back again but never enough to make me truly skilled or knowledgeable in one area. I have a mild interest in graphic design and couldn't help but notice how proficient, keen and dedicated some of these photoshop hobbyists were . I think I could never find the time and energy to invest into one hobby like that.

    So what makes someone an enthusiast? Could it be type related? I would guess more J types to be enthusiasts. Do you have an interest (outside of work) that you really dedicate yourself to?

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    fox and hedgehog are sort of archetypes. but i think that is unrelated to being a looser. an autonomous artist should probably be a hedgehog, just to stay alive. like hipster style.

    so here is an idea, that has the potential to confuse you endlessly :

    maybe someone could be a hedgehog in his own dimension, and a fox in alien dimensions. and think of himself as a fox, because the alien dimension impresses him so much, that he forgets about his own destiny.

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    I had that realisation a while back too.
    There is something to be said for jumping around different interests.
    Being T shaped they call it. Depth of knowledge in a one area and breadth of interests. Makes the man so they say...

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    Maybe it's that a new, interesting project comes along and you start thinking of all kinds of possibilities, chances and futuristic applications for it, and that's enough to spark one's enthusiasm. In that point you're not being realistic at all, everything seems possible, you get excited because it's just, well, new. It's never-ending stream of ideas, excitement, intuition and interest.

    I absorb stuff and then when I get this sort of "ah-ha" moment or am just about starting out a new project, whatever it may be, all of it seems connected somehow, linked and I get so excited by just realizing that and seeing what use it all could have and create something new with this project.

    It's like, "how did I get so lazy, yet ambitious" kind of thing. Most of the time I don't even know I'm processing information, but then, all of the sudden I get bursts of enthusiasm&sort of realizing knowing like that and know what it means.

    Starting off projects is nice, finishing them is another deal. But projects I like excatly because of the nature of them: you start, you do (the most boring face), you'll see the results. And then you move on to something new, which works the same way, you use almost same data you have but maybe only parts of it, but this time for different application, and it might be about something completely else, but I at least never seem to separate them. It's all part of everything

    I'm still looking for this greatest project of 'em all. Or like how some people call it, the truth

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