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    Quote Originally Posted by Synapse View Post
    Well I'm only going from my experience, my adrenal insufficiency is linked to my hypoglycemia which is a reaction to sugar and caused me to become ADD with an association with disrupted functioning of T4 and T3, thyroid hormone, in such an instance my focus progressively declined to the point I had an attention deficit and appeared catatonic. This shocks me because to go from reading 20+ books a year to struggling to focus enough to read or write anything without skipping was unheard of for me. Yet it was happening and still is to an extent. My brain dropped out at a crucial junction in my life when I needed to focus most.

    What most people are unaware of is how significant the role of proper adrenal and or thyroid conversion and function is and the associated reactions that happen.

    To get a better understanding this article makes for interesting reading.

    Dude! That's a very interesting read, seriously, thanks for that. I have never considered cortisol as a psychoactive hormone. My study of cortisol has been limited to its effects on muscular growth and development. Testosterone (builds muscle, or anabolic) binds to Cortisol (breaks muscle down, or catabolic) and suppresses it from attaching to muscle cell receptors. So, as a weight lifter, it is in one's best interest to eat a diet rich in foods that are supportive of testosterone production (lots of protein all day long!), and to exercise in a manner that increases your body's production of testosterone (brief periods of explosive activity, followed by rest).

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    Yes I've been diagnosed with a mild form of ADD.

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    nope, i don't have add. I do get distracted pretty easily and can't do homework or anything if i hear the tiniest noise, its just ugh so distracting, i can't exactly block out background noises, and music doesn't help because then the music distracts me. but if I'm really interested in something I won't notice the world around me, can't tell you how many times I've walked straight towards walls because I was in my head and not watching where i was going. I'm like oh look a wall! *turn*
    In no likes experiment.

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    I never have. Sometimes, I seriously question it. I love learning anything and everything new. When it comes to studying.. I kinda scramble through. Mostly remember stuff visually, that's how I got through most of my schooling, including last minute cramming. I think it's the rush that really helps absorb the fine details. Short-term memory: not that great. Long-term: like an elephant.

    I have a solution? I think people who probably learn through different techniques need to be encouraged more by using their creativity to add variety in what they learn? That's what I need: variety, some kind of creativity.

    In order to focus, we may need to just live a very well-balanced life, full of intrigue, I think.

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    I have ADHD. Diagnosed thrise over. Twice as a kid and once as an adult.

    "I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life; I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well."
    -Teddy Roosevelt

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    Quote Originally Posted by ByMySword View Post
    Does ADHD count, because I totally have it.
    Yeah, what he said.

    Me too.
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