Ah, childhood, my favorite topic.(Sorry for the rose-colored memory lenses)
How much of your personality your 'type' can you say finds it's roots in your early childhood.
All of it? I was always very empathetic to people and would be the chronic pet rescuer.I had As all over my school record, I loved my friends and was not at all the "domestic" type. I was a busybody, always running outside, "play-talking" with my siblings,(I swear, we'd just make up stories and talk for entire days. No video games, no running around for three days.). Also, people would overprotect me by hiding information from me so I used my "intuition" to know what was usually going on. Basically I lived in imagination, fear, duties, excitement, emotionally loaded situations, books and bikes. There wasn't a thing I wouldn't "stick" my finger into. Oh, and I was/am a NERD/BOOKWORM!
Now, I've been depressed for the past years and extremely confused. I became very reclusive and negative, which is not what I am in truth.
It's lessened and I can literally "feel the life coming back to me".(Sounds weird for a 17 year old but yeah...really I feel like myself again.)
What has evolved is probably the energy level, awareness of boundaries and maturity is all.
I don't feel changed a lot.