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    If I was in fact to follow my self-typing of ENFP originally - I am far too structured to be any sort of P type by many of the surface level discussions. On the other note, I'm so compassionate about others it is hard for many to see me as an Fi dominant of sorts at all - rather I come off with the Fe warmth.

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    I'd perceive myself to fall outside the box of any possible type. MBTI has been hard for me to find. I'm more impulsive and disorganized than your regular xxxJ. I'm not as scattered as a typical xxxP, especially FP. I'm too dumb and focused on looking into things that are atypical to a high Ti user. But if I were a high Fi user, I don't understand my feelings or values enough or very well at all, nor do I particularly let my emotions guide my life. Since I'm so closed off, most people would not see me as cognitively extraverted, though I think I may be.

    Even enneagram. I wouldn't be a stereotypical 4, I'm too focused on competition and how I appear compared to others. But I can't be a 3 either, because the mask thing is completely foreign to me, and the type doesn't work well on a technical aspect (triads, disintegration, etc.). The core fears of a 6 or any gut type would be off. Even my variants are kind of funky since I appear to be pretty even on sx and sp.
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    I: i seek external stimulation all the time, don't like being alone with my thoughts.
    N: i am fairly practical and down to earth, i enjoy many sensual pleasures.
    F: i am not particularly warm, i can be harsh and objective.
    P: i like to have some sense of what i'm doing, and not just go out into the world with zero plan. there are specific areas of life that bring out a detail-oriented, anal retentiveness in me.

    4: i hate blatantly pretentious people, i like many aspects of popular and mainstream culture, i am not an artist.
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