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I just read an article about this woman who has achieved several academic degrees, is a professor in a university, has acieved a lot in the area of sports, has been a successfull in beauty contest(miss universe type of competition) and even has three kids. She is not too old either and is very good looking and in very good shape. She is also very efficient while taking the buss to the other town (200km's away) where she is working. She uses her work travel time working.

Overall, this woman has all that the society appreciates. She is highly effective, beautiful, very intelligent, slim and in good shape + probably quite lot of money too. So, she is the dream come true of all that is appreciated in the society. I mean who wouldn't like to be her?

But on the other hand, one wise INFP once asked me when I talked about highly effective people in very respectable manner:
Are they happy?

My additions to that question:
Are we even contended with what we have?
Can we appreciate life itself or are we too busy to appreciate anything?

The final question is:
Why is effectivity overrated?
Or is it?
Are they happy? It honestly depends on the person. Some people are very happy with achievements. Others are happy just having fun and doing what they like. Yet others are happy just grinding out their daily routine and not getting involved in too much.

In my personal opinion, I would say effectiveness is NOT overrated. By this I mean that achieving stuff, at least for me, makes me feel happy. There's a saying, nothing succeeds like success. For me, that's true. I get very motivated and energized if I succeed at something.