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    Hrm, I hate speaking to a crowd. They are never quiet enough to hear you anyways. And I hate how everybody cuts off the others word. It's a mess, because people are idiots and talk all together instead of each after the other. That's what I loved at school: You had to raise your hand to say something. And when we did have group-discussions we had a little ball that we would throw at whoever wanted to say something. Awesome. :rolleyes2:

    My mind doesn't necessarily go blank in groups, but the stuff I said above just annoys me, so I will either be quiet or have to scream around. And since I don't like that, I'll rather just shut up.

    This also reminds me that when it is not quiet around me; I have troubles to concentrate and think straight. So if I am doing - let's say - a test that needs total concentration I will have troubles if for example my roomie listens to music behind me sooo loud, that I can hear every single word thru his headphones.
    Rule #1: Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole.

    Again, Demons I get, but people are just crazy.

    ESTP? o.O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiltyred View Post
    Y'all need a wingman.
    Yep, yep, double yes plus.

    Social situations are really, really different when I'm working in tandem. Especially if the other guy can take the hand off and use it in ways I appreciate.

    That I have experienced thus far:

    Me+ENTJ: E talks, I iz teh handbag.
    Me+ENFJ: E talks, I iz the guy annoyed.
    Me+INFP: can work, is sedate.
    Me+ENFP: energy and confidence boosted.

    Similar goals and values, I guess.

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    This was mostly sparked because I was reading The Introvert Advantage lately. It's a really good book actually. I wanted to learn more about personality by scoping out from MBTI, so a book on introversion was called for. The parts about introversion/extroversion being able to be traced physiologically is just amazing.

    I'm just now noticing along with this mind blank effect how difficult talking to new people really is. Becoming this self-aware is enlightening but daunting at the same time. In addition to the difficulty of having to talk in new social settings, I still have to deal with the whole, "What's interesting about you, why am I talking to you, and should I be saying something that I'm not thinking of?" I just have such a low tolerance level in new social settings.

    I'm going to pick up some more books soon. Bibliographies are cool. :P

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    I think one solution to this is if you focus on a matter at hand. Just train your mind to focus and be interested in another matter that someone is discussing. I know I have trouble listening to people either on the phone or in real life. But I think one thing to do is train yourself to focus on the subject matter, that way you won't have an introverted blank mind.

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