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    Quote Originally Posted by Travo7 View Post
    I was visiting my mother (who is an iNtuitive type) the other day for breakfast, and on the way out she commented on how beautiful the day was.

    "Do you see the trees and the sky? It's like a monet or something." She said.

    Despite it being cold, rainy, and foggy, I could totally relate to what she was saying. I have deeply felt this way on many an occasion, where beauty seems to inspire your imagination etc... My father (ESTJ), on the other hand, simply replied:

    "Mmhmm, right. Well, see you later," in a rather dismissive tone, and left for work.

    She told me later that, at the office, she commented on the same thing with her boss and good friend (SJ, I suspect) along with her husband, a philosophy professor (NT, I believe).

    Her boss smiled somewhat condescendingly, and uttered a quick "Whatever," while the professor's eyes lit up:

    "Ahh, exactly! I know exactly what you mean."

    The point of this story: This sounds, to me at least, like an example of the iNtuitive way of thinking clashing with the world of the Sensor's. For example, my dad (ESTJ) would look out the window and think about the driving conditions, how cold it was, which coat he would use, and whether or not he would have to leave early for work, due to the fog. Something along those lines. However, this morning my mother (ENFP) saw something way beyond what was actually there, via her imagination/creativity.

    I'm not trying to absolutize anything here, for I'm sure Sensors have thoughts like these too, nor am I saying one type is better than the other, but in general:

    Do any iNtuitive types relate at all to this? Or have this kind of response from Sensors when you open up to them?

    What about you Sensors?
    When I am presented with a situation such as the one stated above, my reaction will vary depending on who I am interacting with. If I were the boss in the above equation and if we were supposed to be getting work done, I would probably act exactly the same way.

    However, if one of my friends or loved ones were to present me with an observation such as that, I would stop whatever thought pattern was currently firing and I would take the time to assess the accuracy of their statement by taking a good long look outside, comparing the sensory data to my criteria of what makes a painting look impressionistic, since that's the style Monet was famous for. I would then agree based on what correlated, if anything. Does everything look misty and abstract? Etc.

    In cases where I just can't see what the hell they're talking about I'll still say something along the lines of "I appreciate your way of viewing the world." and then probably suggest something along the lines of taking up painting... etc. It's important for my special ones to feel like they are valued as individuals.

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    Pedants come in all types, even intuitive.

    but they're mostly tj

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    This is very similar to how things go between N and S.

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    I suspect a better example would be an N seeing the fog and associating it with something that would seem random and unrelated to a sensor, while another intuitive might actually be able to understand how the other N made the association. (Key word: might.)

    N1: That fog reminds me of how sick I was last week.
    S1: Whatever.
    N2: Oh, yeah, I can totally see that.

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