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    A friend of mine, who's 23, once said "children and adults live for basically the same reason; to play. Anyone who says otherwise isn't really living." That always stuck with me, because I think it has a lot of truth.

    Shaking the notion that you arn't young? I don't think the "old" and "young" concepts have a whole lot of merit. The idea of an "adult" makes very little sense to me, it seems to be a social thing. There's no real reason an adult can't enjoy "young" things, given that it isn't some contrived attempt to relive what they regret not doing earlier in life, or some other reason other than the pure joy of it. Winnie the Pooh is a great show, and sometimes it looks nicer to colour outside the lines. Candy taste good, too. The idea that people need to "grow up" and that at some point you are too old to be silly or whatever is purely egotistical. It's not that you enjoy something that is "childish" and that there is something wrong with you, it's that this "childish" thing may have an appeal beyond what people assume. Isn't it sad when people divide their lives into "modes" like "kiddy" and "adult", rather than recognizing that as a whole you have elements of both at all times?

    But... well, read my sig

    And Niffer, I loved your post, cause I can relate to a lot of it. Some of it I've thought about and I've sort of answered for myself, but some of it still swims in my head, and I'm beginning to think it could for the rest of my life. I used to wonder when I would be more organized, or sensible, or a smooth talker or whatever, but now I'm thinking there's no reason I need to be any of those things. They simply don't resgister, and there simply isn't any reason they will ever need to. Who ever said adults fully function in the first place? If anything, what they do is definitively dysfunctional -the manifestation of the "career cement truck" you talked about. Why do you think Prozac was invented? People may look at you in bewilderment when you simply don't know, but they don't know either.

    And neither do I. There are all kinds of questions, absurdities, and idiosycracies that I will never be able to fully comprehend, no matter how well I observe and percieve them. I have questions that are bigger than life itself, questions I couldn't even put into words, and these questions will probably swim in my head for the rest of my life, without closure. Suprisingly, I'm not scared of this... it's actually very liberating in a sense. Nothing is supposed to be anything, so everything is free to be whatever it is.

    It's only scary in that sometimes it seems like you are diving head first into a absolutely absurd joke that takes itself absolutely seriously.

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    I've never been told to grow up. Then again, I never really was much of a kid to begin with.

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    peter pannings

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