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Thread: Falling Asleep

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    Default Falling Asleep

    I find that it's when I'm falling asleep that I tend to have deeper more profound intellectual and emotional thoughts than any other time of the day. It almost feels like my brain is running on all cylinders. So I wondering if there was any kind of scientific explanation behind this, is it something to do with brain waves? Does anyone know the process behind this occurrence?
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    I am not sure about any scientific Explanation, but I do know I have that too. I often need some Paper and a Pen next to my Bed to write Stuff down. My Mind / Spirit is often just really freaking awake when I should normally sleep. Sometimes it has to do with me going to Bed irregularly. But sometimes it is also pretty "random".
    I read that it helps when you put a Pinch of Salt in your Mouth, because it helps to discharge the "Electrons" in your Brain. I did that for a While. Helped.

    I guess some Others know the real scientific Way behind it better than me. I am pretty curious too on that so...we'll see soon I guess =)
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    I have an unconfirmed theory that iNtuitives have trouble falling asleep because they're so inclined to fantasize and futurecast as they lay in bed deprived of sensation. The mind will begin to get active for all people while asleep, but I think intuitives tend to agonize about those things unique to intuitives, namely anything in the "future". It's more difficult for them to put their minds to rest.

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    Lack of external stimulation.

    Perhaps you are an introvert for a time.
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    It's weird when I take naps and am exhausted. I will have the most intense pseudo realistic, integrated dreams ever. It's like I incorporate stuff that is a deep reflection of my life, as well as something that is currently going on in my immediate environment. It seems like I have the ability to psychoanalyze it as well real time. It's like I'm vividly experiencing something for a decent amount of time. Like I'm disassociated in mind but still fully there in body but paralyzed to do anything.

    It's a pretty recurring thing as well, I've had the "dreams" be in a number of different contexts. Each time they were sort of profound in the sense that it made me analyze situations somewhat differently in real life. They're usually based on people I know in real life and how my interactions usually go with them, but in the dreams it's a different outlook on them, and the whole situation as it relates to my "future" life.
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    An article Aimahn showed me that may be of interest to this topic:

    The secret life of the brain - life - 05 November 2008 - New Scientist
    IN 1953 a physician named Louis Sokoloff laid a 20-year-old college student onto a gurney, attached electrodes to his scalp and inserted a syringe into his jugular vein.

    For 60 minutes the volunteer lay there and solved arithmetic problems. All the while, Sokoloff monitored his brainwaves and checked the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in his blood.

    Sokoloff, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, was trying to find out how much energy the brain consumes during vigorous thought. He expected his volunteer's brain to guzzle more oxygen as it crunched the problems, but what he saw surprised him: his subject's brain consumed no more oxygen while doing arithmetic than it did while he was resting with his eyes closed.
    If the subconscious is the most active when the brain is idling, it seems natural that we'll also be the most creative and philosophical just before we sleep...

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    Completely relate to this, it's like I'm the uber-me, I also run back and forth through profound conversations I could have with other people, than I get into a real conversation and it's "uh...".

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    i can really relate to this too. i can't sleep...i love to sleep but i'm almost always doing something when i'm awake so when i lay down to can take me forever...hours even...and i have really profound insights and crazy ideas that i get really excited about which just makes it worse..haha...i really need to start meditating or something...during the day...i cannot turn my brain's exhausting really.
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    It has happened to me to magically find the solution of complex physics/mathematics problems I had been thinking at all day, right before falling asleep, in that semi-awake state. And actually, most of my colleagues say that they learn better before falling asleep. Or right after waking up.

    I think that the fact that the brain is not that solicited in those moments makes it able to focus on complex issues.

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    Interesting. When I'm sleepy, I perform at low capacity.

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