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Thread: Falling Asleep

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    I get tired, I become scattered and hyper-active. I guess that seems a little backwards, but it's apparently always been true, since my mom said she knew I needed to go to bed whenever I'd start getting really rambunctious.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Addict_Inquiry View Post
    I have an unconfirmed theory that iNtuitives have trouble falling asleep because they're so inclined to fantasize and futurecast as they lay in bed deprived of sensation. The mind will begin to get active for all people while asleep, but I think intuitives tend to agonize about those things unique to intuitives, namely anything in the "future". It's more difficult for them to put their minds to rest.
    I really identify with this ( the trouble is I enjoy it - off into fantasy land when I should be getting some sleep!)

    I like the being 'deprived of sensation' bit too - I wear earplugs and have the room completely dark - just ideas, thoughts and plans to deal with - no irritating visual or aural sensations - I do love the physical ones though - clean sheets, warm duvet - snuggling!
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