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    Is there like something with entps and depression or ?
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    Mondo, I don't know what your personal situation is, but is it possible that your just pissed off?
    I've had problems with depression for a while now, it seemed like no matter what I tried I couldn't make it any better. All the things that were supposed to help just made it worse for me, then I figured out that it was pretty much just built up anger that I wasn't able to act on and had to be expressed some way. Since I figured that out it's been much easier to deal with things; I still sometimes get that feeling, but a lot less often and much more controlled.

    Does that make any sense?

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    I laffed this morning when I checked in a saw the vectors and Mona Lisa, Mondo. Well, now I'm all better. Maybe you are too. Heh.

    If you've been referred by a psychologist, by all means do follow through. It's their job to recognize the real deal and they'll help you figure out the correct means of relief. I repeat - There are no quick fixes to Major Depression. It requires a serious changing of many life habits we've developed which are caused by and which create the problem.

    Another thought. A team approach is crucial so make sure that you sign releases of info for both the psychologist and psychiatrist. And it doesn't hurt to give them each a little reminder to stay connected with each other so they are both on the same page with you. This is important.
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    Mondo, I'm not sure how much this will help, but I suffered from depression for ~6 years. It was brought on by my father being in a near-death accident when I was 13 as I was moving in between states with just my parents and no siblings. I became incredibly secluded. I quit school and stayed on my computer all day, everyday. I can't remember what I was really thinking at the time. I didn't think I was depressed and I didn't really think there was anything wrong with me. That's weird, now, thinking about it...

    For the next 6 years, my parents brought me to see psychiatrists and therapists all the time. I tried doing home-schooling, but couldn't get into it. I didn't really want to do anything, and gained a hundred pounds sitting at my computer playing games which made me become a Diabetic. I was up to 80mg of paxil a day from my psychiatrist. By about the 5th year, my parents were able to get me to get a job. I started to lose a little weight and tried to socialize with coworkers, but it was a massive failure and I quit. About 6-9 months later, I got another job with the help of my parents, and then that helped a great amount. I started making some really good friends at work, but I still spent ALL of my time outside of work on my computer. I was obsessed. It was all I knew, also.

    I slowly weened myself off of it, doing more things in the outside world slowly. After a point, I told myself, "I don't need to be playing games all day anymore. I'm going to fix these problems that I've caused." 2 years later, now, I've lost 105 lbs, gone off my medicine, gotten rid of the Diabetes, gotten a new job that pays twice as much and is way more fun, gotten my GED, started college and become *a lot* more socialable. It just took a lot of time. The hardest part was dealing with the transition into a normal life. I'm still trying to deal with it. It's a lot of emotional discipline.

    The actual depression wasn't hard for me because I didn't even know I was in one. The hard part was *after* the depression, realizing what had happened, what I had missed and what I needed to do. There were times where I thought I was just fucked, hid in my room and burst into tears.

    My bout was more independent, and focused on myself and my relationship with my doctors. I don't know anything about these support groups. A lot of the discipline to come out of it, I brought about on my own. If anyone, and I mean, ANYONE, tells you, "Get a grip on yourself," tell them to fuck off.

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    It's funny, because even though I'm now going out in the world and in public (I'm going to school again), I feel a bit more sadness than my usual numbness or anger. Strangely, when I'm around people, I feel even more isolated. I wonder where happiness could be found?

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    get a new haircut and wardrobe. maybe that will make you feel better

    na, idk...i tend to sleep everything off. frustration & sadness or w/e. i hate dealing with my emotions so i just go to sleep. its bad i know =<
    but at least i wake up better. idk if its depression or boredom. maybe i just need a hobby :|
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    uberfuhrer: But do you have any really close friend? If so, how does it feel talking to them? I'm asking cause I think my ISFP-friend is depressed.

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