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And all the more disturbing when this style is unconscious.

Freud found this in Vienna when he tried to make conscious the unconscious style of the bourgeoise.

They never forgave him for this, and all the conformists rose against him and drove him out of Vienna and killed all of his remaining family.

Jung had the sense to leave the unconscious alone, and was rewarded with the Presidency of the Psychoanalytic Society.
Freud was a genius for his efforts to make us aware of the unconscious. My issue with him stems from how he hurt his theories with the unnecessary focus on the sexual nature of the unconscious mind. There is much more to learn and observe about the unconscious than the deviant nature that is often times repressed by conforming to social norms. If his studies had focused more on other aspects of the unconscious mind, we could have possibly benefited from it on a much higher level.