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    Default The Immune Response

    We all like to think we are immune, but sometimes our immune response can kill us.

    Our immune system is a miracle of natural selection, it is always with us, always working for us, with an enormous and vast intelligence of its own, but sometimes it can over react and make us sick, or even kill us.

    In the same way, our emotional immune system normally looks after us, but sometimes it can over react, and harm us emotionally.

    Our emotional immune system responds to emotional abuse by activating our flight or fight response. This can be helpful, but sometimes it is harmful.

    Meditation will help us deactivate our flight or fight response, help us respond to abuse appropriately, and remain a contented soul.

    Stalkers and trolls depend upon activating our emotional immune response, so we will harm ourselves, and then the troll has plausible denial. Entering the meditative state denies the troll the hit of dopamine they seek by our over reaction to their abuse.

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    Mole, you really need a blog for thoughts like this.

    Also, for the Nth time, people who do not share your views are not trying to trigger you and they are not automatically trolls because they do not share your views and say so.

    I'm really not sure this is an ASD thing but it could very well be something I need more knowledge of to fully understand.

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