We all have a blind spot right in the middle of our eye where the optic nerve enters the eye. And our blind spot is invisible to us because our mind creates the illusion of a whole image, called a gestalt, click Blind spot (vision) - Wikipedia.

But just occasionally, in unusual circumstances, our blind spot become visible, and it is though a black crack has opened in reality. We become so alarmed by the failure of our normal reality, we quickly close our eyes to the black crack in reality, and get back to business as usual.

And even more occasionally a few of us step through the black crack in reality in front of us.

I stepped through the black crack in reality, and spent the rest of my life enjoying the experience.

I rented on old workman's cottage on the peninsula in Lake Burly Griffin in the Australian National University for $5 dollars a week. I spent my time in the library reading, or in the coffee shop talking, or sailing on the lake, or joining the debating society, or taking holidays down the South Coast, while making love to my girlfriend, Ruth.