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    Quote Originally Posted by Penguin View Post
    So I have had many "Why didn't i think of that?" moments, but this has made me curious, do brilliant ideas come out of the blue, when you least expect them or do they come after intense study and analysis?
    They have to be spontaneous for me. The more I attempt to be brilliant, the less brilliant I am.

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    My best thoughts tend to come to me when I'm not thinking. "Go stare at a wall" is probably the best creative advice you can give someone.
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    aha moments do happen, but its not very common. Often when it goes on paper, it turns out to be less brilliant than i had expected
    Sometimes i have good idea, make some mistakes and realizations here and there and turns out to be brilliant.
    i'm talking about terms of design, so i guess to certain extend, "happy accident" wouldn't apply as well.

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    It does feel good to experience "AHA" moments, but I tend to think they are somewhat overrated. A lot of thought and a lot of energy goes into the build up to an "AHA" moment. I immerse myself in a project for as long as it holds my interest. If I lose interest I move on to some other more interesting occupation--usually trading. I'll never get bored of trading. This is what they call ADD. ADD is not so much a lack of ability to focus. It's more a lack of ability to focus on anything but what holds the interest of a person with ADD. I often find my attention drifting to trading or whatever else is holding my interest at the time. A friend whose nephew has ADD said all he wants to do is skateboarding. He is completely obsessed with skateboarding. A lot of it is motivation. This guy likes skateboarding probably for the adrenaline. If someone can show this guy that trading is kind of like skateboarding--actually I see it more like surfing--he might get obsessed with trading and eventually make a good living, and maybe have a few trading "AHA" moments. There's no shortage of adrenaline in trading. It's about replacing one need with another. Teachers don't get this point--too many teachers have little or no idea how to motivate kids. Same applies to a lot of corporations.
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