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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocapszy View Post
    I don't think I understand -- you intend to learn each of the individuals' understanding of the word? From what I can only assume you'd extrapolate their interpretation of the ENTJ archetype. Correct?
    Well, first I want to identify the aggressive behaviors; those we can agree on, and those that only particular kind of people - or just a few individuals - consider aggressive.

    In the second part, I'd like to draw attention to different styles of aggression. Perhaps F people see arguing as aggressive? Perhaps T people see it as an attempt for greater good? Are there people who see physical threats as acceptable?

    Of course, I'd be delighted to know that ENTJ are seen as acceptably aggressive, rather than someone who beats people up. Then again, if people do think the latter way, I'll know to be cautious of such aggressive traits within me.

    I am afraid I might be insensitive to some kind of aggressiveness, while sensitive to something I see as aggression in others. There might be a misjudgment of character both ways. I'm hoping to analyze the information here well enough to use it for personal character development.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nocapszy View Post
    Or perhaps you're trying to understand everyone's collective assumption of what aggressive is, based on these individuals?
    Trying that, yes. Using the knowledge I've gained here will reveal for me whether I did any good trying to understand

    A: He was so aggressive..
    Me: He held his opinion or threatened you somehow?
    A: It was the way he looked. He was really loud, too.
    Me: Okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santtu View Post
    In interest of finding out what constitutes aggressive behavior, I'd like to ask your view about a few things of interest.

    I'm ENTJ, the type half the people in here has rated as the most aggressive. I'm trying to find out what you consider as aggressive behavior, to put all of that into perspective. Someone was rightfully asking to define aggressiveness, too. I believe some definitions will make the conversation a bit more grounded. Please rate these actions for their aggressiveness.

    It's probably indicative of my temperament that I'm reading over this list and am thinking I need to know specific detailed circumstances in order to be able to rate these for aggressiveness, plus it would help a lot to have visual evidence of exactly HOW the person is saying and doing these actions. Almost all of these can be done politely or rudely, and presentation matters a great deal. I've written my recaction to the following in red for those I have issues with:

    3) Changing history to their benefit, i.e. "I supported that back in the 2003"

    4) Insisting others having said things that they did not
    pointless and childish -- other people have long, detailed memories and if they're bitter enough, they will use that to your disadvantage

    6) Arguing for a decision to be made their way because "others expect it so"
    Not sure why others should care about popular opinion

    10) Joking with the use of violence and using the body language to drive the other person away
    I don't like violence either in jest or in reality, and I avoid dealing with violent-talking people

    14) Continuing to behave in a way that multiple persons are criticizing at the time
    rude, childish, and lacking common sense. If others are verbally criticizing you, maybe it's time to take a time out in order to evaluate why. You can make a strong point without being a bully.

    16) Hinting to file a complaint of the other person, and the trouble they'll be in
    Just quietly file the complaint and let the person get in trouble -- don't brag about it before it happens. If "trouble" doesn't happen, or doesn't end up being as bad as you predicted, you'll look silly.

    20) Pointing out that other person can't win them in a dispute because of the personal danger involved
    Personal danger YOU plan to inflict? If so, see above comments re violence.

    18) Shouting at a person, "I'll sue you!"
    Don't threaten -- just do it. Just quietly sue them. Much more dignified.

    As for the rest of these, there's absolutely nothing wrong with them, IF the person doing them is speaking politely and not threatening violence:

    1) Having an intense, determined facial expression and looking in the eye

    2) Making others to make way for them in a public place

    5) Talking with the style of authority the others can't match

    7) Arguing a mutually interesting point of view in a calm but determined manner

    8) Giving a counter-argument to every argument the other person gives in a conversation

    9) Pointing out to the crowd that someone is holding a view that is widely unpopular to them

    11) Continuing to argue on a point after every point is met with a counter-argument

    12) Publicly criticizing a disruptive, insulting person

    13) Refusing to discuss a subject on the basis that disagreements are "distasteful" or "childish" to them

    15) Suggesting to end partnership/employment/co-operation in case of a certain decision

    17) Telling to call the cops if the other person won't comply

    19) Pointing out that other person can't win them in a dispute because of practical matters make them unable to.


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