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    It wasn't a choice. It's who I am.


    Anyway, back to the topic. The point is, depression is deep and changes the way you interact and perceive the world. If you've come across depressed people, you can usually see that something's different or heavy about them. They aren't quite alive in the same way that other people are. In my own experience (with other people), there's a loss of levity and playfulness.

    If you feel that you've lost some levity and joy, then take a little time and ask yourself how you can really make a good adjustment. You seem to already recognize that you don't like yourself, so you can start there. I like to view it like a tactician... there are some moves you'll make that'll only leave you feeling like a fake, which will make you more resentful of yourself. Other moves will have less "noise." Experiment until you find the right moves.

    Whether you actually fit the depressive disorder criteria is really irrelevant, I think. If you see a problem, tackle it, regardless of how it's labeled. The strategies people use to combat depression will work to improve your life regardless of whether you fit some technical criteria.

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    Thanks for helping me out.
    I've just been feeling distressed and apathetic about a lot of things recently.
    I don't think I have depression though.
    A reason why I asked was because I have some self-esteem problems, which is related to an anxiety towards intimacy- this I think is affecting the potential that many of my friendships could have (I keep things friendly and superficial but I don't like to go deep or talk about my feelings- if anything, forums like these are an outlet for that, haha).
    I know a couple of people who have been clinically diagnosed with depression (or have been) and I was just curious if my anxiety implied that I was depressed but I just didn't know it.
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    I think that hating yourself can definitely lead to depression. I do not think that they necessarily go together. I get depressed easily, but I don't necessarily hate myself. In fact, I like who I am, at least most of the time. It's usually my circumstances that pull me down.
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