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    Default Time Management for Anarchists

    I want to be more productive. But I have trouble setting deciding and following through on goals. Too many options, I don't like the feeling of cutting off options.

    I was reading this PDF comic Time Management for Anarchists it reminds of another favourite of mine The War of Art.
    Both of them seem to be saying in order to be highly creative and productive, to free yourself of others agendas you counterintuitively need to impose more structure on your life, on yourself.

    As far as MBTI is concerned I almost always test almost 100% perceiving.

    Any thoughts?

    Should I just suck it up, decide and put blinders on?

    EDIT: I guess I'll have to!
    There must be a way to take advantage of Perceiving strengths to achieve goals if anyone knows what it is tell me.
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